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Impala is a not-for-profit trade body representing the independent music sector in Europe. 

AIM is a member of Impala, as are trade associations for independents in other European territories.  Impala was established in April 2000 at the initiative of prominent independent labels and national trade associations.  Impala has over 4,000 members including top independents and national trade associations.

Impala Awards

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The Impala Sales Awards are the first sales awards which recognise that success on a pan-European basis needs to be acknowledged on different levels.

Any record label that has shipped 20,000 or more units of a single, album or download across Europe (across one or more countries) can register that release for an Impala Award.

The awards celebrate the fact that success begins well before sales reach 1 million (the only pan-European sales level officially recognised before IMPALA launched its own scheme). The IMPALA Awards are intended to provide a new tool for independent music companies and artists to promote themselves, both domestically and internationally.

They also recognize new talent and cultural diversity, and the fact that in order to promote cultural diversity in a meaningful and practical way, success needs to be celebrated at a much earlier point in an artist’s career than when they reach 1 million sales.

To quote Michel Lambot, the former President of IMPALA:

“uccess, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. For many independent record companies, selling 20,000 is a success. 200,000 is outstanding. 400,000 is a runaway.”

The Impala European Sales Awards promote independents and their artists on the basis of pan-European sales at different points in the success spectrum. Results will be published widely.

The awards are:

Impala Silver - 20 000
Impala Double Silver - 40 000
Impala Gold - 75 000
Impala Diamond - 200 000
Impala Platinum - 400 000
Impala Double Platinum - 800 000

To register an award winner (an act whom has sold enough to receive an award), please go to

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