What we do

The Association of Independent Music is a non-profit-making trade organisation for independent music companies in the UK.

Our job is to help our individual members’ businesses and to support the needs of the independent sector.

AIM was formed by a small group of independent labels in 1999, and today represents over 800 companies large and small.  AIM acts as a voice for independent music companies and provides a vast range of services, advice and support to members on a daily basis.

AIM unites labels to create a vibrant community, and provides the tools needed to help labels succeed.  AIM strives to create a level playing field and fair commercial environment in which independent music companies can grow and achieve success.  By joining together as part of AIM, independent labels have a strong voice representing their interests to the wider industry and government.

We also have a festivals division – the Association of Independent Festivals (AIF) – which provides similar support for independent festivals. Visit their website for more information.

What Does AIM Do?

  • Provides information and contacts for running a label
  • Offers expert advice on all label business areas
  • Provides legal and business affairs guidance
  • Leads commercial negotiation to ensure fair deals for independents
  • Lobbies government, the media and industry on matters of importance to independents
  • Opens access to international markets
  • Provides deals for members on key business services
  • Organises seminars, training and networking events
  • Ensures independents have good access to media
  • Offers mentoring and business develepment opportunities
  • Organises the AIM Independent Music Awards, shining a spotlight on great independent talent
  • Supports and co-ordinates the Independent Label Market, which takes place several times per year in London Spitalfields and other UK cities

What Do Our Members Do?

The UK’s independent sector is the most successful in the World, a hotbed of talent and creativity. The sector is responsible for discovering and developing many of the most popular and critically acclaimed musicians of our time, from global stars like Arctic Monkeys, Passenger and Adele, to leading lights in classical, world, jazz, metal and everything in between.

The independent music industry is very young compared to other industries; our oldest members were formed in the 1960s and many of our members are brand new labels, established in the last 10 years as a result of the Internet opening up distribution channels.  In an ever changing industry, many of our members are not traditional ‘labels’, but also publishers, managers, studio owners, producers, musicians… the list goes on.