Act Now If You #LoveMusic

Time is running out for us to raise our voices ahead of the crucial vote at the European Parliament this Wednesday, 12th September on the Copyright Directive, a reform of copyright law that will apply to the UK despite Brexit if it goes through, which aims to boost the tiny amounts that some tech firms pay out of their enormous profits for music played online.


Did you know that, for example, Peter Frampton recently claimed that for 55 million streams of ‘Baby I Love Your Way’ on YouTube he received less than £1,400? Based on figures shared by artists, 1 million streams on YouTube would return just £540, while the equivalent number of streams on Apple Music generates £5,700 and on Tidal £9,800.  This is known as the ‘value gap’.  This is because tech giants are using legal loopholes to avoid to undermine the rights of creators and those that invest in them. We need to close the loopholes and make the internet work for everyone.  EU regulations on online services using copyrighted works were last updated in 1999!


There are some people and tech firms out there trying every trick in the book to block a change that would mean a fairer deal for pretty much everyone in the UK music business so we urgently need your help to support the vote on Wednesday and ensure that clear text for the crucial Article 13 is passed.


Please, immediately:

  1. Visit the #LoveMusic website for more information and to sign the petition on http://love-music.co.
  2. Pass this message on to your staff, colleaguespartners and artists and ask them to sign the petition too!
  3. Voice your support by posting camera phone videos on social media or any other channel available saying that you support “MEP Axel Voss’ text for Article 13” and urging MEPs to vote it, using the hashtag #LoveMusic and also tagging UK MEPs where possible.  This does have an impact.


This is likely a once-in-a-generation opportunity to re-balance the power relationship between online platforms and music.  Let’s not miss this chance!