AIM is gearing up once more to stage its annual business-defining AGM

AIM’s Board is elected democratically by members and regularly rotated, to ensure there is always a fresh and knowledgeable group of experienced industry professionals driving AIM forward.

We need you to start thinking about filling the vacancies for the four board members retiring this year. One-fifth of the AIM board is required to retire from office under AIM’s rotation provisions and be replaced by election.

We look for nominations from senior management, preferably with valuable industry experience, who have a keen interest in industry lobbying, who want to be involved in settings AIM’s agenda and direction and who are full label members of AIM.

The AIM board meets eight times a year (in central London) plus a board planning away day. The current AIM board can be found here. As you can see there is a diverse range of indies. The nomination form can be downloaded here. You may be nominated by a senior person at your label or another AIM member label or nominate yourself.

While Distributor members and Friends of AIM are unable to stand for the board, they can submit nominees.

The deadline for nominations is Monday 17th September.