AIM issues call to action for upcoming EU copyright vote

An EU copyright proposal to get artists a better deal and reduce the value gap is now facing a vote of the whole EU parliament this week (5th July). If you’re not familiar with the mandate, you can read more information about it on IMPALA’s website here.


Due to heavy anti-copyright lobbying (thousands of emails received every day), many parliamentarians are thinking of voting against the new rules.


We need clear, simple and basic messages. MEPs who don’t understand much about the subject need to know they are doing the right thing for creators and the cultural sector.


Request for action for you and artists, please:


  • Follow us and IMPALA on twitter and retweet as much as you can (e.g. our tweet here). Please also tag us @AIM_UK and IMPALA (@IMPALAMusic) and ask members/artists to do the same.


  • Get artists involved. We have prepared a possible email for you to use when contacting artists which can be downloaded here.


  • Post short video clips (on a phone is fine). Some examples herehere or here.


“Hi, I’m xx, please fix the value gap and support the copyright reform. Creators need that to get paid.”


“Hi, I’m xx, Don’t be fooled by big tech’s brainwashing on copyright. Please support the copyright mandate. Europe’s creators need your vote.”


  • Post photos of yourself or your artists – just hold up a piece of paper with #vote4jurireport on it (see attached a poster you can print)


  • Send email/letter to your parliamentarians (draft email can be downloaded here – note that email is on 2 pages, with an infographic on the 2nd page) ideally in your own language.


Here is a list of the twitter handles of relevant MEPs you can contact to lobby for the vote:























Together we have a real chance to support musicians and create a fairer internet.