AIM members offered exclusive discount on Instrumental’s new ‘indie package’

AIM is delighted to announce that Friend of AIM Instrumental are offering AIM members a 20% discount off their newly launched ‘Indie package’ – which is aimed specifically at independent labels and music businesses.


The Instrumental music scouting platform connects exciting new talent with industries and businesses that will help them to develop and grow. The new ‘indie package’ includes full access to their self-service scouting platform, including the use of multiple filters that allow you to search for fast-growing talent and tracks in the genres you’re most interested in.


The tool can enable labels, distributors, promoters, agents, venues and festivals, photographers, lawyers, radio pluggers and PR companies to spot early stage talent and is designed to help them save time and money in their search for new artists and clients.

AIM members are entitled to an exclusive 20% discount for this service. Click here to find out how to claim yours. To learn more about the platform, get in touch with Instrumental.