Article 13 goes to trilogue discussion – Join us to support copyright reform


You’ve probably seen recent messages, events and advertising taken out by YouTube referencing Article 13 of the European Copyright Directive which is currently working its way through the EU legislative process.

As you may remember, the European Parliament adopted its provisional version of the copyright directive text on 12th September.  Trilateral discussions (called ‘trilogues’) have been ongoing since the vote, between the Parliament, the European Commission (which tabled the original proposal in September 2016) and the Council (Member States, who adopted their position in May 2018) to work out a compromise text acceptable to all parties.

The crucial trilogues at which Article 13 is expected to be discussed are happening this week.  This meeting is part of a series and they will continue until agreement on the text for the directive is reached – hopefully by the end of this year or beginning of next – after which the proposal will have to be given final adoption (by a final vote) by the Council and the European Parliament early in the new year. Although discussions are progressing well, adoption of the directive is not certain and it is important to keep our voices raised in support of this landmark legislation, which we believe creates a fairer Internet for creators and rightsholders. 

AIM is working alongside IMPALA and UK Music to try to ensure that the process continues and helps to rebalance the digital marketplace.

The music community raised its voice and was heard by our government and the EU parliament around the September vote and it is vital now to uphold and underline the legitimacy of that vote; not just in terms of copyright and fairness in the online world, but in support of democracy and transparency in Europe.  This is fundamental and of particular significance with elections coming up in the EU next year and in light of Brexit.


Last week IMPALA published a statement  in response to YouTube’s overtly misleading messaging here which was picked up by the music and national press [Music Week, Forbes and The Financial Times].


We ask that you support our actions and retweet AIM, UK Music and IMPALA messaging. 


Tweet the IMPALA statement (tagging MEPs where you can – download a list of twitter handles here).


Provide support in any statements you make on social or mainstream media and through your own communication channels.


If you have staff, please ensure that this news story is passed to them and to your artists. If they have any questions you can refer them to this article or the LoveMusic site. 


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