European Parliament approves copyright directive


After several years of campaigning, today the EU voted to adopt the Copyright Directive. 348 MEPs voted in favour, 274 against and 36 abstained.

The directive is a huge step to improve the position of creators and citizens in their dealings with platforms. In addition, authors and performers will benefit from new provisions regarding remuneration and contracts.

Paul Pacifico, CEO of AIM said: “The passing of the copyright directive into EU law represents a momentous opportunity for music and culture across Europe. Artists and the creative community made their voices heard, and MEPs listened and acted courageously. We are now a step closer to achieving real balance in the online space for artists and the businesses that support them with those who run the platforms and profit from creative content and we look forward to building this system together. The directive aims to create significant improvements for authors, creators and performers across Europe. It is a great reflection of the creative community’s power to catalyse real change.”

The next step is for member states to reconfirm the text. The directive will then need to be implemented at national level, within a two year period from when it is officially published.

Paul Pacifico concluded: “We look forward to the next stage of translating the legislation into national law in which we hope to see a high level of harmonisation across all member states. The U.K. Government has been extremely supportive of the British creative community in the evolution of the EU copyright directive and we will encourage and support a successful implementation of the directive into U.K. law, irrespective of what happens with Brexit.”