Help us save music online #LoveMusic


You may be aware that the EU copyright proposal to get artists a better deal and prevent big tech platforms from exploiting musician’s work for little reward will go to a vote of the whole EU parliament in just over two weeks’ time on the 12th September.


EU regulation on online services using copyrighted works was last updated in 1999. YouTube and other big tech platforms have been exploiting ‘safe-harbour’ loopholes in the law to use creator’s content without paying them fairly.


We urgently need your help to stop that happening and to ensure musicians, creators and everyone in our world-beating music industry are not denied a fair reward for their work.


A large campaign is being launched across the industry named #LoveMusic. It is crucial that our members take part to help bring it to the attention of the public and MEPs, and ultimately get the legislation over the line in September.


What you can do to show your support


  1. Visit and share the #LoveMusic website http://love-music.co/, sign the petition in support of the legislation.
  2. Support on social media

    • Follow us and UK Music on twitter and retweet as much as you can in support of the campaign using the hashtag #LoveMusic.
    • Post support on your own social channels using the assets you can download here.
  1. Get artists involved by asking them to voice their support by posting on social media or any other channel they have available. Artists are key in the battle to win the hearts and minds of the public on this issue!
  2. Send emails/letters to your parliamentarians.