Inspirational quotes from Women in the Creative Industries Day at the Southbank Centre

Last weekend, Gee Davy (AIM’s Head of Legal and Business Affairs) attended the Women in the Creative Industries Day at the Southbank Centre – part of ‘Women of the World’ – a global network of festivals to mark the 100th anniversary since (some) women got the vote in the UK; in the year #MeToo and #TimesUp shook the world, artists, writers, politicians, comedians, activists and more came together for the 8th annual WOW London

The event provided an opportunity to hear the stories of prominent women in other creative industries and gain perspectives and insights on issues facing women in related sectors beyond the music industry.

Gee said: “I was particularly inspired by panels on Women in leadership roles including Hilary Clarty who runs the Clore Leadership Programme which supports and develops women leaders in arts and culture, Cassa Pancho MBE, the Founder/Artistic Director of Ballet Black and Vanessa Kingori, the first woman Publishing Director at Vogue.  The insights gained will help inform AIM’s work in the area of Women in Music.”

Podcasts and highlights are available here and some inspirational quotes below:

Hilary Carty – Clore Leadership Programme – Embrace your power as a woman… In every situation think about what you can bring and, if in doubt, just speak from your passion to influence people.

Cassa Pancho MBE – Founder/Artistic Director of Ballet Black –  Perhaps you don’t recognise that you have power but if you’re doing something to try to make a change you are already exercising power.

Cressida Pollock – CEO of English National Opera – Female mentors and role models are vital to help you model your own form of power rather than following the old and male models that won’t fit you as a women.  A good circle of women will also help with resilience from in the face of adversity.

Phyllida Lloyd – Management styles need to change to include women – the ability to be a mother, to bring in different parts of one’s life into working life – we need new and different approaches from the top.

Vanessa Kingori – Publishing Director @ Vogue – Own your achievements and speak out about them. Not in an ego-driven way, but to help all the women coming up after you own theirs.

Vicky Featherstone – Artistic Director of Royal Court – To managers: give passionate women a platform and support and let them run whatever they want. Hand the power over.  It’s important to speak about the women’s movement as the new normal, not a revolution which could be reversed.