UK Music industry announces National Album Day


National Album Day was announced to the public this Monday 23rd July.

The event will be a national celebration of our love of the album format as it turns 70 this year. There will be a week-long build-up of events and activities across the country celebrating the album and involving all the amazing talent involved from artists, songwriters, labels, retailers and sleeve designers.

As a partner of the event, AIM will be organising a number of events to help celebrate the album format on the day.

In the build up over the coming months, we’d love for our members and their artists to get on board with celebrating National Album Day. This can range to include anything from organising live album playbacks to listening parties or simply posting on social media.

Here are some key talking points for artists on social media:

•    What does the album mean to you?
•    Tell us about the albums that have had the biggest influence on your life and inspired your own music?
•    What do you see the future of the album?
•    Tell us about the first album you bought / last album you bought?
•    How important are albums to you as an artist and your career?
•    Tell us the stories behind your own albums/ how they came to life/ what you hope people take from them

If supporting via your social channels please use #NationalAlbumDay and tag @AlbumDayUK.

Ways for members to get involved directly:

•    Organising live album playbacks – appearing in record shops/ music venues to play new or classic albums in full from start to finish
•    Hosting online listening parties on artist social channels
•    Acting as media spokespersons/ being available as ambassadors
•    Releasing album products for National Album Day
•    Supporting on social media with album related content, video messages, quotes and photos
•    Story-telling – we want to hear the best album stories from your
artists, interesting facts for fans, key anniversaries, content for BBC to bring our love of the album to life

J. Willgoose, Esq (Public Service Broadcasting) said: “Listening to an album rather than just a collection of tracks is a totally different and more rewarding experience for me… I fully support National Album Day and want to thank them for highlighting the strength of the album even in and amongst today’s more episodic, fractured media landscape.”  

For more info, visit the official NAD site here.