National Album Day – The AIM team list their favourite albums of all time

In honour of the first ever National Album Day, the AIM team have listed their favourite albums of all time. Each team member has written a short description on what makes them so special, have a read below for an insight into what you can normally find playing on the AIM stereo.


To celebrate National Album Day, we partnered with Pitchblack Playback and MQA to curate an immersive listening event featuring six albums released on our member labels.


Paul Pacifico – CEO

Life on Planet Groove by Maceo Parker

All the music I go back to time and time again is generally very groove based, whether Jazz, Blues, Soul, Funk, Reggae or Electronic. Maceo Parker is like a golden thread that links so much music and so many musicians I love and this album kind of sums it up in some way. I can never get over quite how loved Maceo is by so many musicians and yet so unknown to so many music fans out there.  Maybe by writing this, I can help encourage a few more people to discover him.


Gee Davy – Head of Legal & Business Affairs

…I Care Because You Do by Aphex Twin

The enigmatic Richard D James aka Aphex Twin blasted into my awareness in the late-nineties. I caught the tail end of the trip-hop era and got into drum’n’bass during that time.  Then Windowlicker appeared, seemingly from outer space, with elements of Trip Hop, D’n’B and a host of frankly disturbing sounds. I launched into a journey into the Aphex Twin back catalogue and discovered …I Care Because You Do.  It sounds like the dreams and nightmares of a hyperactive robot, moving from minimal bleeps and floating soundscapes to leap about wildly, twisting breakbeats to breaking point.  It completely changed the way I thought about music and my favourite genre become ‘genre-defying’ overnight.


Jude McArdle – Membership Manager

Dreams by Whitest Boy Alive

I hate to be rushed. And when I first listened to Whitest Boy Alive’s debut album I remember thinking that it was “in no rush to finish.” You were allowed enough time to be drawn in at your own pace, sit with the music and the lyrics and the story it was telling and left a completely different person at the end of it. The beauty of Dreams lies in both its complexity and its unrushed simplicity which is some achievement.


Robert Kraushaar – Financial Controller

Space Ritual by Hawkwind

Listening whilst poring over the double gatefold sleeve, with twelve panels of mysterious illustrations, quotes, legends, photographs, and credits, I was transported from my seventies suburban tedium to an alternative universe. Over the course of four sides the intensity of this live recording rarely drops, whether the band is in full rock mode, or extended wah-sax wig-outs, chilling dystopian monologues, or synths swirling and bleeping, and all held together by pre-Motorhead Lemmy’s surprisingly melodic bass playing. Throughout, sci-fi themes warn of future survival struggles, the loneliness of space travel, desolate ruined worlds, and the infinite blankness of space. Escapism indeed.


Henry Oliver – Communications Coordinator

Scott 4 by Scott Walker

Scott 4 was the last of Scott Walker’s numbered albums at the beginning of his career as a solo artist having split off from the hugely successful sixties pop band The Walker Brothers. It’s one of the last albums he released before a slightly dodgy MOR period, which was followed by the terrifying and beautiful avant-garde music he’s made in recent years. I love the sense of uneasiness behind the melodies, the lush string arrangements and the vivid imagery of the album’s wonderfully absurd lyrics. There is a certain quality to his music that I’ve never come across with any other artist. Scott 4 is his magnum opus and I’ll never tire of it.


Alex Morley – Events Manager

Sound of Silver by LCD Soundsystem 

This album never fails to make me smile. It’s a brilliant blend of styles, sounds and songs that has soundtracked some of my favourite moments. From the lo-fi guitars to the wonky synths riffs, this record takes you on a ride. It’s upbeat, sad, smart and funny all at once. I urge everyone to give it a spin!


Oriane Rosner – Events Manager

Hounds of Love by Kate Bush

An album that will forever hold a place in my heart, can fit any mood I’m in, and just never goes out of style. A classic album with major tunes. Kate Bush is forever.


Callum Johnson – Membership Manager

Frank by Amy Winehouse

Just listen to it.


Simon Metcalfe – Business Affairs Intern

London Calling by The Clash

London Calling has always been one of them albums I can always go back to. Growing up I remember hearing Rudie Can’t Fail as a toddler, spending my teens listening to Death or Glory on the Skate video games and now listening to Train In Vain as my pre party go-to track. The album still sounds as fresh as the first time I heard it and the range and quality of tracks on there will keep it firmly as one of my most played.