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PPL to review compilation album data registrations

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PPL to review compilation album data registrations

Dear AIM members

PPL will be conducting an important review of all compilation album data registered at PPL on a track by track basis. They are looking for a large representative sample of compilation tracks to review, and have asked for AIM member companies' input. 

We therefore request that if your recordings have been used on compilations, then please let AIM know this week (email Please could you also indicate whether the compilation company required you to provide ISRC codes.

The main issue we have seen in this context is where the compilation company has incorrectly registered themselves as the rights holder of tracks on the compilations with PPL.

This would also include instances where compilation companies have incorrectly assigned new ISRC codes to tracks for use on compilations, where of course they should have used the original ISRCs assigned to the codes by their original rights holder.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you may have been affected by this, as this will help PPL run their review and ultimately help resolve any issues or errors.


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