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Record Store Day - Product Submission Process

Record Store Day will take place on 19th April this year and many of you will want to submit products for the event. Please find attached a code of conduct form that all participating labels should adhere to ensure that their product will qualify for RSD13 (you can find that document here).

Also attached is a excel document that gives an example of how we want the information on the product sent to us (you can find that document here). It is important that all products should be submitted in this way to aid in the administration process. If you are sending a picture of the product it should be forwarded to us with in the following dimensions 203px x 202px.

Failure to submit products in this way we mean your product will be last to be listed on the


These are the only official stores participiating in RSD14 so please only sell to these stores. You can download the list at the bottom of the page.

If you have any further questions please e-mail

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