AIM Guide to Employing Staff

Thinking about adding to your workforce and taking on employees? This AIM guide will take you through the basic steps needed in order to meet the requirements of an employer in the UK.

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Employment & Staff Training, Starting a Label

Employment & Staff Training

Employment Finding Staff and Work Experience Candidates If you are looking for a work experience person or to recruit a new member of staff right now, have a look at the Positions Wanted section to browse the CVs of people currently looking for a position. We can also feature job ads in our member newsletter free of […]

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Employment & Staff Training

Jobs Board

Greco Roman & Ransom Note – Label Assistant (London) Two left of centre record labels seek an assistant to co-ordinate all aspects of the record release cycle across five sub labels. Training will be provided but twelve months’ prior experience in a music company necessary. Greco-Roman and Ransom Note are part of the Gunthorpe Collective […]

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Employment & Staff Training

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