AIM E-Guide to Survival and Success

This downloadable guide is intended as a reference point for anyone interested in setting up an independent label, as well as for anyone already running their own label, or working in the independent music sector. A download will be made available following payment, or if you’re an AIM member you can log in to download […]

AIM Financial Benefits Guide

AIM’s financial benefits guide shows the savings you can make as a member.

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Starting a Label

AIM Guide to Employing Staff

Thinking about adding to your workforce and taking on employees? This AIM guide will take you through the basic steps needed in order to meet the requirements of an employer in the UK.

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Employment & Staff Training, Starting a Label

AIM Guide to taking your label to the next level

Whilst there is no direct path that record labels can follow to build on their success, this guide will provide assistance in giving your label the best chance of becoming the next Domino or XL.

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Free contracts for AIM Members

Have you heard about the Widget? It’s a unique web-based contract preparation system that enables record labels and music publishers to draft their own music contracts, safe in the knowledge that they are completely up-to-date and reflect the latest legal developments that impact the industry. It’s developed by Wiggin, one of the UK’s leading firms […]

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Starting a label

If you are starting a label, we can help!  You can join AIM at any stage, and we can help you through those early days when there is a lot to learn. Here you will find some free resources to help you set up your label.  There are many many more resources and guides available […]

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Starting a Label