Music Export Growth Scheme

Round 12

The deadline for applications is midnight on Monday 5th February 2018. Please complete your application here.

About the Scheme

The Music Export Growth Scheme is designed to make available grants ranging from £5,000 – £50,000 to UK-registered independent music companies to assist them with marketing campaigns when looking to introduce successful UK music projects overseas.

Applicants must complete the Application Form on this website and send it to before the deadline set out below.  Word limits must be respected.

Applications will be reviewed and those successfully shortlisted will be considered by a panel of music industry experts, chaired by John Kennedy OBE.  The panel will draw on the marketing expertise of a number of organisations including AIM, the BPI, the MMF as well as representatives of independent record labels and DIT (pka UKTI).

How do I apply?

The Application Form for the next round can be completed here.

Please note if you wish AIM to check your draft application before it is submitted please ensure that it is emailed to a week before the deadline.

Further application rounds will take place periodically over the next few years and will be announced in the newsletter.

Am I eligible?

You are eligible to apply if you are a UK-based independent music company with a turnover of less than €50 million and fewer than 250 employees, as per the EU definition of an SME (Small to Medium Enterprise).

A company will not be able to receive more than two grants per year and will not be able to access more than €200,000 in any three-year period, as per EU State Aid rules.


The application submitted may include the following information which takes the form of a marketing campaign plan:

  • Evidence of domestic sales & success levels achieved to date for the specific artist(s) (including touring and media support);
  • Experience of the domestic repertoire owner or management team;
  • Proven interest from the target market;

A full marketing plan for the targeted territory/territories setting out how the grant would be used, which might include:

  • launch/introduction marketing campaign (including PR costs, physical/digital advertising, plugging into radio and TV, social media campaigns etc.);
  • showcases & other opportunities to secure international distribution deals or licensing;
  • personal appearances (such as TV/Radio media opportunities in the country);
  • tour support to enable the artist to travel to and showcase/perform in the targeted market; and/or any other plans for targeting record labels/license partners, distributors, publishers, media and concert promoters in target markets.
  • A list of the UK companies (and their contact details) working with each artist including: Label, Management, Publishing company, Artist, Digital Distribution co, Merchandising company and the UK agent where applicable. (All potential service deliveries for UKTI)

Funding will be tied to the ambition of the campaign, measured by financial commitment, sales targets and business outputs.

Expenditure to be taken into account will be external costs to the label or management, not normal running costs. The panel will require some information to be collected and supplied back to the scheme administrators for evaluation purposes but this is intended not to create a disproportionate burden on companies.

Companies must part-fund from their own resources, demonstrating their own commitment to the proposed activity.  The grants will cover no more than 70% of the costs of the campaign.

How does the Selection Process Work?

The Selection Board will meet four times a year to consider applications.  It is independently chaired by John Kennedy, who has been appointed by DIT (pka UKTI) to oversee the process. The board will be made up of a 10-15-strong panel of industry experts and representatives from a number of music organisations and UKTI.  It will also include professional and business advice.

Applications that do not meet the criteria or do not show relevant potential will be sifted out and the applicants informed.  Due to the high number of applications anticipated, it may not be possible to provide individual feedback on all submissions.

Unsuccessful applicants may reapply at a later date.

The Scheme will be closely monitored and evaluated against strict performance targets and success measures that will seek to determine its impact on overseas exports.

The Small Print for Successful Applicants
Funding is not designed to support attendance at trade fairs or conventions (Midem, SXSW etc.). The scheme is targeted at artists/projects that have achieved reasonable levels of sales in the UK and are now looking to break internationally.

Successful applicants selected to receive funding will be required to agree to a set of Terms and Conditions indicated below:

  • Successful applicants will sign a contract with DIT outlining the responsibilities of each party.  The requirements may be different for each applicant depending on the project and the level of funding allocated.
  • Funding may be distributed in arrears on evidence of expenditure presented by the successful applicant.  Please note that this may be distributed in two tranches and not in one lump sum.
  • The successful applicant may be required to gather information to assist with the evaluation of the scheme.  This will be outlined on a case-by-case basis in full consultation with the applicant.
  • The successful applicant will permit DIT to name the relevant company and/or artist in subsequent promotional material, case studies, and press releases to raise awareness of the scheme.
  • The successful applicant will be asked to display the logo of the Music Export Growth Scheme on relevant artist promotional materials where the funding is being used to promote an act internationally.

What role does AIM play?

AIM is represented on the MEGS Board and supports its members by marketing the fund and advising on applications before they are submitted to the Board. If you wish your draft application to be checked prior to submission emailed your draft application to (see above for deadline).

The scheme will be independently assessed to ensure that each grant is awarded on merits.

Here are the Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions about the Music Export Growth Scheme

If you have any queries on the application process or the scheme itself, please contact or call Emmy Buckingham on 0208 994 5599

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