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More artists and indie labels than ever before are taking control of multiple aspects of their careers, often out of necessity. Each decision you make could be key to the advancing (or halting!) of your career, so it’s crucial to understand how and why each element of the industry works and how it’s changing. To be a self-releasing artist in 2018 is often to be not just songwriter/sound engineer/producer/performer/mixer; but also, an A&R, live agent, label, manager, social media guru, tour manager and business strategist.

The digital age has given artists a plethora of tools to sustain a career – from easy access to distribution to short term publishing deals; artist powered merchandising to crowd funding; online collaborations to sync pitching. Knowing how to take advantage of each opportunity is key. The Music Business School shines a light on the different revenue streams open to self-releasing artists, and gives musicians a chance to meet the high flyers that make the industry’s leading companies and agencies tick. Hear what is happening and what’s coming next from the people working in the industry today, right now. Rather than taking a year or more off to study, racking up debts, the MBS course is one day a week for 12 weeks letting you keep your existing career going while learning how your industry works. Meet like-minded, ambitious and dedicated artists, as well as the brightest new stars on the industry side who are keen to learn both about the other aspects of the industry, and your experiences so far as an artist and musician.

We’re incredibly passionate about musicians understanding the industry in which they live. We believe it’s crucial that artists understand what it means to be a manager; what a label can and should be doing; how distribution works and why the right distribution can make all the difference. It’s critical to know how to register songs properly and keep on top of both publishing and rights holder and performer royalties. It makes it easier for a professional to do a good job for you if you understand what it is they’re doing and why; and it’s critical that you know what you’re doing if you’re doing it yourself. Knowledge is power, parachute and possibilities.

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