Strongroom under threat

Strongroom is under threat from an office development that may leave its recording spaces unusable and potentially even put it out of business.


The application to redevelop a small warehouse space into a six-storey office block estimates a continuous construction period of 18+ months. Dust and debris from any construction operation near a recording studio would be deleterious, but for something on this large a scale along the adjoining wall to the premises the noise and vibration alone could put the studios completely out of business. It would also disastrously impact the communal courtyard, and the final construction cast the amenity into complete shadow.


The Strongroom is a cultural hub for the creative industries and one of the last active recording Studios in London.


There are a number of ways that everyone can help to save it from this development, set out in full detail here.


It’s crucial to preserve sites of cultural significance like Strongroom, which have been diminishing rapidly in London over recent years. AIM, UK Music and other trade bodies are all campaigning to preserve it. We appreciate any help our members or the wider public can give.