It’s amazing to feel that there’s an organisation that fights for our interests in such an intelligent and articulate way. It feels like if you’re in a plane and you fall out, you’ve got AIM as a kind of parachute to protect you. That’s a very very serious thing, thank you AIM.

Geoff Travis
Rough Trade

AIM has been invaluable in helping me run my label, increase my sales and become more efficient in all business areas of the label.

Andy McAllister
Four Three Six

At CI we see AIM, and WIN with its worldwide network of indie organisations, playing a crucial role in making sure that the new digital markets are made more open and more fair, and that indies are better equipped to participate. In metadata particularly AIM and WIN are unsung heroes – we should give them much more credit for the behind the scenes work they do.

The explosion of the performance rights business around the world has highlighted gaping holes in the way that indie repertoire is managed, with severe consequences as indie royalties to go astray. Indies and artists should not be subsidising major labels with their royalties, and AIM and WIN are the only organisations who can fight this battle for us.

Paul Sanders
state51 / CI

AIM membership allows us access to an amazing resource of expertise on neighbouring rights. Through the many conferences, events and socials they’ve helped us to form great bonds with other independent labels. The collective strength provided by AIM is something every member benefits from greatly and the support this provides has been of great value to us.

Rob Butterworth
Fabric Records / Houndstooth

Bella Union has always found AIM to be an invaluable resource. As indies we like to think we need to stand on our own two feet all the time and spurn assistance out of fool’s pride. AIM is always there and for me, its like the label’s Samaritan.

Simon Raymonde
Bella Union

AIM are an incredibly useful combination of informed, helpful and thorough. I couldn’t have got our PPL in order without them.

Merida Sussex
Stolen Recordings