Last night’s seminar was excellent.  I thought it was a real success, very well attended and very interesting.  Thanks very much for organising it, it was great to have all the advice from the experts up there on the stage.

Daniel Cross

The BBC/AIM agreement concluded a long and hard fought for agreement, and the resulting contract was complex and lengthy. Charlie at AIM did a superb job of condensing the contract into a very user friendly and simple guide, which has lead to us licensing numerous tracks from the BBC. Having access to this vast and gorgeous wealth of material in the BBC archives has ignited the catalogue department here at The Beggars Group.

Lesley Bleakley
The Beggars Group

AIM is an organisation with the interests of the indies at its core.  It is essential it prospers and continues to be a thorn in the side of those who wish to ignore it.

Geoff Travis
Rough Trade Records

The independent world can be a wonderful place but it was often left behind when it came to important developments due to a lack of centrally coordinated lobbying and negotiation. AIM instantly corrected this and now it’s hard to imagine an independent community without AIM and all the other organisations that have sprung up around the world following AIMs example.

Big and small labels all benefit from the work AIM carries out and in today’s turbulent and rapidly changing music climate AIM has never been more essential.

Peter Thompson
PIAS Recordings

AIM has been an incredibly valuable source of assistance for us since its inception. Whether it be getting us off the launchpad and into deals in the early days of digital, guiding us through the often murky waters of neighbouring rights, or opening a very significant door to extra content via the BBC licensing agreement, the team at AIM have consistently delivered expertise and support that has allowed us to further our business. You can’t really ask for more from a trade association!

Matt Bristow
Cherry Red Records

Having run my own record label for 16 years I like to think I know what I’m talking about most of the time, but every once in a while I realise I’m completely out of my depth. It usually happens when people start talking in acronyms (PPL, PRS, MCPS…etc). In those moments its great to have a grown-up to turn to, and that grown-up is AIM. Not only do they have the expertise to fill in these gaps in our knowledge they also have endless reserves of patience. They make it possible for us to concentrate on the more important stuff, like making records, safe in the knowledge someone has our backs when we start feeling out of our depth.

Michael McClatchley
Moshi Moshi