UK’s Biggest Digital Music Conference Smashes Gender Stereotypes

Last Friday, we hosted Music Connected 2018, now officially the UK’s largest Digital Music Conference, where it achieved female a majority on panels for the first time, with 16 female speakers and 14 male. In addition, female delegates counted for around 40% of those attending, overturning the outdated stereotype that music, and in particular music tech, are not of interest to or populated by female talent.

AIM CEO Paul Pacifico commented: “There remains a sense that the music industry is somehow a man’s world but we are working hard to break that down. Whether it is about line-ups at festivals or representation at board tables and at senior levels, AIM is determined to give a platform to and support the bright, creative and talented female artists, executives and business owners in our world. There is no longer an excuse not to have balanced representation across gender.  The ratio of female to male speakers at Music Connected, a significant digital music conference, was above 50% and it was great to see the ratio amongst delegates showing strong movement towards real balance.  A key factor was our proactive drive to seek out prominent women in the digital music and tech areas and to encourage women in music to sign up as delegates through the relationships and partnerships AIM has with a variety of key organisations such as ‘Shesaid.so’; a network of women working throughout the music industry.”